Covering your entire face with your pillow as you try hard not to make that whimpering sound. You want to scream out loud but your entire family is asleep or may hear your cries. You want to stop crying but your heart is being squeezed up tight and tears just keep on rolling down your face. After a while you stop crying but the pain in your heart still remains as your head is filled with a million thoughts running through your head, making you unable to sleep.

I feel like I am sitting in a room full of people that I love, and you know what, they just don't care that I love them. They don't care whether or not I live or die. To them I'm just another girl, just another stranger. To me, they are my best friends, the only people I have left. (This is how I used to feel, all the time)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Tgl 24 July 2010 aku, ndul (Nadiva Aliyya Aryaputri), Tiara Kartika Putri, dan Alya Irma Safira ke Kidzania. Di Kidzania, kita main dubbing film yoyo man, hasil nya, suara ku datar sangat, suara Alya cempreng teriak-teriak. :| Terus kita makan pizza bareng. pas udah selesai, kita nyusul mama-mama kita di blitzmegaplex. kita nungguin sampe mereka selesai nonton....

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